Preventative Maintenance

  • FREE Annual Safety Inspection
  • FREE Water Heater Tune-Up
  • FREE Minor Leaks Repaired
  • FREE Carbon Monoxide Test
  • SAVES You Money
  • 15% Repair Discount

Perform carbon monoxide test to check for for potentially fatal leaks on your hot water heater.

Dye test and adjust toilets to identify leaks that could be costing yu hundreds of dollars per year in wasted water

Clean and improve flow of faucets by cleaning or replacing aerators on every fixture in your house

Inspect visible piping for leaks and corrosion to identify potential leaks before they occur

Locate and check emergency shut-off valve operation to ensure the valves will be available when needed

Inspect crawl space to check for any leaks, or plumbing problems.

Check washing machine hoses for material flexibility and integrity, to indentify the potential for hose rupture form deterioration

Check supply lines to all fixtures to ensure they are up to code and are not leaking.

Inspect outside faucet to see if they are freeze proof before they cause a costly flood during winter

Repair faucet leaks by tightening loose handles, packing nuts, or valve stems (repairs requiring parts cost extra)

Clean and adjust gas water heater burners to optimize burning, extend the life, and reduce energy cost.

Inspect the water heater anode rod(s) to identify when rod replacement might prevent costly storage tank failure

Flush water heater tanks to remove sediment build-up, extend water heater life, and improve water heater recovery and performance

Test static water pressure and adjust if possible to avoid damage to faucets, piping, and the hot water heater.


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