Dear RW Plumbing:

I writing to thank you and praise you for the wonderful work you did for us!

Recently we were away on a two week vacation and mid-way through our son went by our house in Woodinville and found our water heater had broken and flooded our basement. He worked with the insurance company to dry out the basement, but we knew if we didn't get a new water heater installed, we would have to stay in a hotel when we came back. So, we asked him to arrange for a plumber to install a new water heater. His first question was

"Who?". We did not have anyone that we had worked with before, so we said
"Go local!". My husband and I have a strong commitment to giving our business to Woodinville companies. My son called you and arranged for the installation. I called you from Colorado to give you the Visa number and you were very reassuring about the quality of the water heaters you use. It

turns out the job was pretty difficult, but the installer, Ryan, did a terrific job! The space was impossibly small and we found out our old water heater had been custom-ordered. Ryan had to go to the parts store twice and had to do an engineering feat of pipes and supports. Although, we had to go

with a smaller water heater to get it to fit, Ryan went above and beyond the call of duty. He worked long hours and my son said he was there late getting it all done. We were so happy when we returned to have hot water and were very pleased with what we saw!

If you ever need a reference for your work, feel free to use our names. We plan to do both a bath and a kitchen remodel at some point, so we will definitely call you for our plumbing needs. And if you give out bonuses, Ryan the installer should get one!

Belinda Lafferty, MA, LMHC
Supervisor Teen Dating Violence Program
Outreach Supervisor


The service line had broken 6 feet inside the property line. The existing line was galvanised and was replaced with copper. A work crew dug the 2 foot deep trench and then the new copper line was in. Also tested was the water pressure, which was too high at 90psi. A pressure regulator was recommended and duly installed. Something that was overdue to be done anyway.As there is to be further plumbing work done - I ahve a kitchen makeover to start for summer - I signed up for the annual maintenace agreement, which also provides further discounts for the future work.

Great poeple, great work and a great experience.
CC from Kirkland


The best decision I ever made!

RW Plumbing did an excellent job fixing a water leak for us. We came home to a flooded basement and called them off of Superpages.com. The phone person even helped us on the phone and told us how to locate and turn the main water valve off. They were out the same day and got the leak fixed. They were a great company to deal with. Very good work, and very clean. The plumber even put a rug down where he was working and wore booties inside our house.

ML from Woodinville

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